Memorigin is the first Hong Kong brand that specializes in tourbillon watches.

We integrate marvelous oriental sculpture and top western watchmaking skills to produce tourbillon watches with prominent cultural features. Our watches are a collaboration of Hong Kong professional watchmakers, top notch designers and engineers. With its extreme technical complexity and rarity in assembly and finishing, tourbillon watch is one of the worldu2019s top three most sophisticated mechanical watches.
A heightened sense of refinement

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Stellar Series - Imperial

An 18K white gold square border links the flying tourbillon, the sphere-shaped GMT Indicator, the time reading sub-dial and the Chinese ancient planetarium featured decoration together, projecting the merge of Chinese philosophy.

Your unique tourbillon

Bespoke Memorigin

"My Own Design", the tourbillon watch customization project, was developed by Memorigin - the Hong Kong tourbillon watch brand. Start your journey! Merging the craftsmanship and your design together, records the time belonging to you.


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